Rust Programming Course

Learn the fundamental concepts of Rust from expert Rust developers in Singapore.

✅  Online instructor-led classes
✅  Basic to advanced Rust programming concept
✳️  Build your own backend server and Solana smart contract
❇️  Course fee up to 70% IBF Subsidy
⭐ Rated 4.8/5 on SwitchUp and Google

Growing Demand For Rust Programming Developers

Rust is rapidly gaining popularity due to its exceptional performance, memory safety, and expressive syntax. It is now being used by major tech companies and blockchain protocols such as Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, Amazon, Solana, Near, Cosmos, and Polkadot.

Learn how to leverage Rust to build critical backend infrastructure such as API endpoints and smart contracts, and stay ahead of your peers in today’s tech landscape.

Don't just hear it from us

"I had an incredible experience at this course. I never thought that after such a short amount of time I would be able to create a simple web server from scratch. One of the main pros for me have been the attentive instructors."

Senior UX Consultant

"Attending bootcamp gave me guidance and direction when I was trying to transition into a tech career. Metacamp has great instructors and their lectures were awesome. Coding challenges and projects helped reinforce the concepts. I would highly recommend Metacamp to aspiring software engineers."

Tech Presales

"I wanted to learn more about blockchain that I was already interested in but had no idea where to start. Metacamp was the perfect answer. Metacamp is an excellent platform for people to gather, learn, and share their experiences."

lim qi jie
Co-Founder, TableFi

Industry expert instructors from AWS, Microsoft, OKX, ...

Attend live classes online outside of working hours

Graduate with a blockchain-verified certificate

Build and pitch your capstone project during demo day

Dedicated career support and matching with partners

4.8 / 5 ⭐
5 / 5 ⭐

Rust Programming Course Details

Metacamp's Rust Programming course in Singapore is designed to equip individuals with the most in-demand skills and best practices in rust, covering core concepts: variables, scope, functions, modules, scalar & compound types, control flow, strings, structs, traits, enums, and more advanced topics such as blockchain development. Participants will culminate their learning by developing a capstone project to solve a real-world problem in the fintech industry.

Funding Support
This course has been accredited under the Skills Framework for Financial Services / IBF Standards: Technical Skills and Competencies - Programming and Coding, TGS-2023019105, and is eligible for funding under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to all eligibility criteria being met. Participants are advised to assess the suitability of the course and its relevance to his/her business activities or job roles.

The IBF-STS is available to eligible entities and individuals based on the prevalent funding eligibility, quantum and caps.  IBF-STS provides 50% - 70% course fee subsidy support for direct training costs subject to a cap of S$3,000 per candidate per course subject to all eligibility criteria being met.

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What to expect?

Learn new concepts and tools through expert-led lectures, discussions, assignments and projects

Complete all assignments and receive a certificate of completion in the form of an NFT at the end of the course

Receive individualised feedback and support from your instructional team with free 1-on-1 consultations

Be part of a community where members can leverage connections with alumni, instructors and experts

Course fee and subsidies

Singaporeans aged 40 years and above
70% IBF subsidy
70% IBF subsidy + $885 SFC
Singaporeans aged below 40 years
50% IBF subsidy
50% IBF subsidy + $1000 SFC
Permanent Residents (PRs)
50% IBF subsidy
Others (non-Singaporeans and non-PRs)

IBF Subsidy

Original Fee

Final Fee


Singapore citizens aged 40 and above


Singapore citizens below 40 and all PRs



ⓘ All Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above can use their SkillsFuture Credits to offset the remaining fees after funding.

ⓘ All Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above can use their SkillsFuture Credits (SFC) to offset the remaining fees after funding.

Rust Programming Course Schedule

Rust Programming Course Curriculum

Module 1: Rust Fundamentals I
  • Introduction
  • Cargo
  • Scalar Data Types
  • Variables
  • If... Else...
  • Operators
  • For loop
  • Functions
  • Rust Compiler Error Exercise
  • Rust Naming Conventions
  • Structs
  • Tuples
Module 2: Rust Fundamentals II
  • Compound Data Types
  • Data Type - Vectors
  • Data Type - Strings
  • Ownership
  • Data Type - Enums
  • Match
  • Expressions
  • Assertions
Module 3: Rust Intermediate
  • Generic Types
  • Option
  • Hashmap
  • Closure
  • Iterator
  • If... Let... Else
  • Traits
  • Handling Errors
Module 4: Rust Advanced
  • Packages and Crates
  • Modules and Use
  • Lifetime
  • Smart Pointers
  • Box<T>
  • Documentation
Module 5: Backend Development
  • What is Backend?
  • Frontend and Backend
  • Web Application Components
  • Client-Server Communication
  • Introduction to APIs
  • Types of APIs
  • RESTful API Principles
  • HTTP Methods
  • Designing API Endpoints
  • Introduction to JSON
  • Status Codes
Module 6: Backend with Rust
  • Mini-Project Overview
  • Database Design
  • API Development Tool
  • Benefits of Rust For Backend
  • Rust Backend Frameworks
  • Rocket Installation and Setup
  • Data Model and Storage
  • Middleware
  • Implementing API Endpoints
  • Error Hanbdling and Validation
  • Testing Features
Module 7: Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Invention of Bitcoin
  • Rise of Smart Contracts
  • Overview of Solana
  • Accounts in Solana
  • Transactions in Solana
  • Solana Runtime
  • Solana Programs
  • Solana Development with Rust
  • Solana Development with Anchor
Module 8: Solana Smart Contract Fundamental
  • Keypair Account and PDA
  • Deriving PDAs
  • PDA Seeds Selection
  • Movie Program Overview
  • Movie Program Exercise
  • Movie Program Enhancement
Module 9: Solana Smart Contract Advanced
  • Fungible Tokens
  • Mint Account
  • Token Account
  • Token Program
  • Associated Token Program
  • Escrow Program Overview
  • Escrow Program Exercise
  • Escrow Program Enhancement
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